About St. Andrew's Village

Parents of disabled children share two concerns:

How will my child function in society during adulthood? What will happen to my child when I am gone?

St. Andrew's Village aims to answer these questions in a positive and responsible way.

Organized by a group of parents of adults with developmental disabilities, St. Andrew's Village will be a mixed-use community where adults with developmental disabilities can live alongside their non-disabled peers.

Our Mission

  • To provide a loving, secure community where adults with all degrees of developmental disabilities can live, work, worship, and socialize throughout their lifelong journey;
  • To foster individual independence and self-determination;
  • To offer its residents meaningful employment with dignity and purpose;
  • To attract and support a devoted group of caring staff, volunteers and friends whose hearts and minds are fully committed to our family mission;
  • To nourish the spiritual and emotional growth of its residents, staff and friends;
  • To affirm the eternal value of all individuals with disabilities.